The 86th API CHINA: Information Exchange & Business Opportunities

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The 86th API CHINA

On May 26, 2021, the 86th API China was held in Guangzhou — China Import and Export Fair Pavilion opens. 

API China | The medicine material is expected to create the future

Exhibits contents:

  • Medicine active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients.
  • Natural extracts, chemical reagents, intermediates, fine chemical raw materials, the important raw materials.
  • Food ingredients and additives.
  • Veterinary medicine raw materials, feed raw materials and additives.
  • Health food raw materials and additives.
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development services.
  • Contract customization services, registration and pharmaceutical services, training services.

PHARMEX | Ingenuity quality good medicine

Exhibit contents:

  • Excipients, disintegrants, lubricants, flow AIDS.
  • Sweeteners, flavors, colorants, permeability enhancers.
  • Coating materials, plasticizers.
  • Enteric soluble materials, surfactants.
  • Filtration AIDS, clarifiers, stability preservatives.
  • PH regulators, solvents, antioxidants.
  • Sun-shaders, flavor enhancers, gelatin, capsules.

PHARM PACK | Intelligent packaging, innovation driven

Exhibit contents:

Pharmaceutical glass, bottle cap, aluminum foil.

Aluminum plastic packaging and aluminum products, packaging and printing.

Capsules, gelatin.

  • Pharmaceutical plastic bottles, plastic material holder.
  • Pharmaceutical PVC hard sheets, pharmaceutical polyethylene bags.
  • Pharmaceutical composite film, pharmaceutical hose.
  • API packaging barrels, desiccants.
  • Cleaning clothes and materials.
  • Aerosol packaging, injection packaging materials.

SINOPHEX | Leading by science and technology, ingenuity and wisdom

Exhibit contents:

  • API equipment, decoction piece equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical preparation equipment.
  • Laboratory equipment and consumables, electronic supervision.
  • Pharmaceutical crushing equipment.
  • Environmental protection and purification equipment, plastic machinery.