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Natural Barium Sulfate (CAS: 7727-43-7)

Natural Barium Sulfate (CAS: 7727-43-7) is a barytes ore that has been carefully selected to give atypical BaSO4 content from 86% to 92%. Natural barium sulfate mesh is milled to a mean particle size between 8 and 12 microns. The product has a cream to off-white hue.


Barium Sulfate Precipitated (CAS: 7727-43-7)

Barium Sulfate Precipitated (CAS: 7727-43-7) is a white formless powder, relative density 4.50 g/cm³(15℃), melting point 1580℃. No taste and no poisonous. Acid and alkali-resistant, mohs hardness(3-3.5), can absorb X-ray and other dangerous radiation.


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