Barium Sulfate Precipitated (CAS: 7727-43-7)

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Product introduction of Barium Sulfate Precipitated

Barium Sulfate Precipitated (CAS: 7727-43-7) is a white formless powder, relative density 4.50 g/cm³(15℃), melting point 1580℃. No taste and no poisonous. Acid and alkali-resistant, mohs hardness(3-3.5), can absorb X-ray and other dangerous radiation.


CAS7727-43-7NameBarium Sulfate PrecipitatedEINECS:231-784-4
MF:BaSO4MW233.39Purity98% min
Melting Point:1580 ℃Relative Density:4.50 g/cm³ (15℃)Fe:0.004 % max
PF:6-9AppearanceWhite formless powderMoisture:0.2 % max
Whiteness95 % minOil absorption15-25 g/ 100 gWater Soluble matter0.3 % max
Sieve residue(45 um)0.2 % max
Analysis Specifications is based on (GB/T2899-2002)




1Widely use as raw material and filler or powder coating, used in many types of paintings, inculding vessel priming paint, armament equipement paint, finishing coat, automobile paint, emulsion paint, architectural coating.
2Partly instead titanium dioxide, broadly use in tire rubber, insulated rubber, rubber hose, slab rubber, plastic, printing ink.
3Filling of battery.
4Surface coating of photographic paper and enamelled paper, sizing agent of textile industry.
5Clarifying agent of glass products, defoaming and increase luster.
6Protective material from ray(X-ray).

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