Natural Barium Sulfate (CAS: 7727-43-7)

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Product introduction of Natural Barium Sulfate

Natural Barium Sulfate (CAS: 7727-43-7) is a barytes ore that has been carefully selected to give atypical BaSO4 content from 86% to 92%. Natural barium sulfate mesh is milled to a mean particle size between 8 and 12 microns. The product has a cream to off-white hue.


CAS7727-43-7NameBarium Sulfate PrecipitatedEINECS:231-784-4
Molecular Formula:BaSO4
Molecular Weight:
233.39Purity85% min




1This product is a relatively soft industrial mineral with a high specific gravity. This property renders natural barium sulfate an ideal weighting agent in paint, plastics and rubber.
2Additionally, its light color, low oil absorption and easy wettability in oils and resins permit natural barium sulfate to be used in primers, paints, friction materials, rubber, carpet backing and radiation shielding for a variety of technical applications.
3Natural barium sulfate is recognized for its radiation-shielding properties allowing its use in X-Ray rooms, operating theaters and as a plaster adjunct for radiation-emitting structures.

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