The Base Fertilizer Should Be Slow, And The Topdressing Should Be Fierce! What’s The Meaning? If You Want To Be Productive, You Must Understand!

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First, the base fertilizer should be slowed down

Base fertilizer, also known as base fertilizer, the fertilization principle is “based on long-term slow release, adhere to the combination of biological organic and inorganic, and carry out scientific formula fertilization”, the duration of fertilizer is generally more than 180 days, the purpose is to store nutrients, slow release comprehensive Nutrition, the general autumn application of basal fertilizer on fruit trees is to promote tree vigor, enhance the winter cold resistance of fruit trees, and provide storage nutrients for fruit trees to germinate, grow roots, shoot branches, spread leaves, bloom, and fruit in the coming year.

If the base fertilizer is ordinary, unreasonable, and quick-acting fertilizer, the root system will absorb too much, and it will be difficult for the shoots to stop growing; as the temperature drops, nutrients continue to sink, dormancy in winter, nutrient circulation stops, and the tree body stores nutrients on the ground. The above parts are difficult to deposit on the root system of fruit trees, which will cause the trunk to freeze and rot.

So the base fertilizer must use slow-acting fertilizer.

2. Topdressing should be fierce

Top dressing refers to fertilizers applied to supplement and adjust plant nutrition during plant growth. The main purpose of top dressing is to supplement the shortage of base fertilizer and meet the nutritional needs of plants in the middle and later stages. It is a fertilizer applied during the growth of crops. Generally, when a large amount of nutrients is needed in a certain period, targeted supplementary top dressing is carried out. Nutrition.

In some critical periods of crop growth, vegetative growth and reproductive growth are sometimes intertwined and parallel, so the nutrients required in a short period will change constantly, so the effect of top dressing must be supplemented quickly, but the effect period of top dressing should not be too long, otherwise The branches grow continuously, which affects the differentiation of flower buds and the expansion of fruits. Generally speaking, the effect of top dressing should not exceed 20 days.

3. Topdressing varieties

There are many types of top dressing, commonly used chemical fertilizers are potassium sulfate, NPK, MKP, EDTA, etc. After vegetable planting and planting, after fruit trees germinate, in order to meet the needs of their growth and development, more top-dressing is often required.