Introduction To The Corrosion Inhibition Mechanism Of Manganese Sulfate

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The corrosion inhibition mechanism refers to the retardation of the corrosion rate based on a certain step or burning step in the corrosion electrochemical process. Among them, the product has an excellent corrosion inhibition mechanism in the use of manganese sulfate, but many users do not The role of this mechanism is clear, so I will introduce it next.

Manganese sulfate is easy to form a corrosion inhibitor of chelate with metal ions to inhibit the negative process of electrical grade, such as polyphosphate and most organic phosphonates. Although some products do not have oxidizing properties, they can promote metal Passivation film formation can also form chelate with metal ions. We use surface analysis technology to analyze the composition and structure of the protective film formed by manganese sulfate on the metal surface. It can be seen that the film has passivation, deposition and chemical adsorption properties.

The above is the detailed introduction of the corrosion inhibition mechanism of manganese sulfate. According to the introduction, we can better use the product and reduce the use of errors, so as to achieve the specified use requirements.