Kazakhstan Find New Type Of Cases Of Unexplained Pneumonia

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Kazakhstan find new type of cases of unexplained pneumonia

In July 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan issued an announcement to remind Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan to pay attention to the prevention of unexplained pneumonia.

The mortality rate of novel coronavirus pneumonia is much higher than that of new crown pneumonia. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of health and other institutions are conducting comparative studies on the pneumonia virus, which has not yet been identified.

We know that infectious diseases are harmful to human health and may affect a wide range of people, so we need to pay attention to prevention in our daily life. So, how to prevent infectious diseases?

1. Control the source of infection. It sounds like a government or health department thing to do. In fact, the relevant departments to make the overall deployment and prevention plan, really from the details of our ordinary people. Follow the arrangement of the prevention and control department, do not contact the suspected crowd, do not go to high risk, automatic isolation and so on.

2. Cut off the route of infection. In daily life, if you don’t contact the items that may be easily attached with virus, wear masks in time. For some diseases, special attention should be paid not to contact the body fluid or blood of the infected person. And timely contact with the infection of things disinfection.

3. Protection of susceptible population. If necessary, vaccination can be given to the elderly or children who are easy to be infected and have low immunity, strengthen physical exercise, wash hands frequently and ventilate frequently, and pay attention to their protection.