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Ten Customs Rules to promote foreign trade 5-11

Ten Customs Rules to promote foreign trade: The General Administration of Customs recently issued 10 measures to ensure stability and improve the quality of foreign trade while strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic outside ports.
Rules No. 1: Ensuring unimpeded circulation of industrial and supply chains in key regions.

Rules No. 2: Expedite the customs clearance of goods urgently needed by enterprises. At eligible ports, we will carry out trials of “direct loading” for import goods and “direct loading” for export goods upon arrival, optimize work procedures and further improve customs clearance efficiency.

Rules No. 3: Improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound logistics.

Rules No. 4: Ensure the smooth flow of inbound and outbound postal routes. In order to transport the backlog of inbound and outbound mails affected by the epidemic, China has studied the opening of temporary postal routes according to the application of postal companies to meet the demand for domestic and overseas postal services.

Rules No. 5: Improve the fast track for COVID-19 vaccine reagents.

Rules No. 6: Actively implement measures to cut taxes and fees. We will ensure that Chinese enterprises enjoy tariff preferences for their exports from RCEP members, collect and coordinate solutions to specific issues affecting enterprises’ benefits, and implement RCEP policy reductions and dividends.

Ten Customs Rules to promote foreign trade
Ten Customs Rules to promote foreign trade

Rules No. 7: Ensure the effective supply of agricultural and food products for imports and exports.

Rules No. 8: Support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in carrying out market procurement trade.

Rules No. 9: Promote paperless customs clearance of import tariff quotas. It will work with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce to speed up the construction of a network inspection system for TARIFF quotas, strengthen information sharing and business linkage between departments by relying on the “single window” for international trade, and realize online application for tariff quotas, automatic verification and cancellation, and paperless customs clearance.

Rules No. 10: Strengthen statistical monitoring, analysis and data services.

Ten Customs Rules to promote foreign trade

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