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Dextran CAS 9004-54-0 High quality

Product name: Dextran

MF: C17H32O10

MW: 396.42998

CAS: 9004-54-0

EINECS: 232-677-5

Appearance: white crystals or powder

Solubility: Soluble in water, dimethyl sulfoxide, ethylene glycol and glycerol.

Other name: T 40(polysaccharide); T 5 (polysaccharide); T 500; T 500 (carbohydrate); T 6; T 70; Low molecular dextran-L; T 70 (carbohydrate); Dextraven; Eudextran; Gentran; Gentran 40; Infucoll; Intradex; LVD; Macrodex; Macrose; Oncovertin N; Onkotin; PL 1S; Plasmodex; Plavolex; Polyglusol; Rheomacrodex; Rheopolyglucin; Rheopolyglucine; Rheotran; Rondex; Rondex (polysaccharide); Serva G; T 110; T 110 (carbohydrate); T 150; T 20 (carbohydrate); T 250; T 250 (polysaccharide); T 4; T 4 (polysaccharide); T 40;

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Application: Pharmacy


It is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries.