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Daminozide 95% CAS: 1596-84-5 Factory Supply

Product name: Daminozide

Other name: Butanedioicacid, mono(2,2-dimethylhydrazide) (9CI); Succinic acid,mono(2,2-dimethylhydrazide) (8CI); Alar 85; Aminozide; B-Nine; DIMG; DMASA; DYaK; Dazide; Dimas; Kylar; SuccinicN’,N’-dimethylhydrazide; Succinic acid N,N-dimethylhydrazide;

MF: C6H12N2O3

MW: 160.17

CAS: 1596-84-5

EINECS: 216-485-9

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Application: Pesticide


Appearance: white crystal powder. Boiling Point: 286.06°C (rough estimate). Density: 1.183 g/cm3. Soluble in water, insoluble in hydrocarbons.


  • Pesticide
  • Industrial


Daminozide is a plant growth retarder, with bactericidal effect, widely used as dwarf agent, fruit setting agent, rooting agent and preservative agent. After treatment, the plant can be absorbed, transported and distributed to various parts of the plant. The initial effects of Daminozide are inhibition of auxin synthesis, auxin transport and gibberellin biosynthesis in plants. The main performance is:

  1. Delay vegetative growth of plants, make leaves dark green, small and thick, compact and robust plants, developed roots, increase root dry weight to reduce the proportion of crown and root, which is conducive to control overgrowth or flower bud differentiation.
  2. Increase the chlorophyll content of crops, delay the chloroplast senescence, slow down the growth rate, high photosynthetic net assimilation rate, is conducive to increase the accumulation of dry matter, improve fruit quality, hardness and fruit setting rate, promote the concentration of fruit maturity.
  3. The increase of sugar content in plant cells, the decrease of energy consumption, and the decrease of transpiration may be related to the improvement of plant resistance to adverse environment by butanyl hydrazine, which is beneficial to reduce physiological diseases.
  4. Promoting anthocyanin biosynthesis is beneficial to improve fruit color and prevent fruit decoloration in storage period. Butanyl hydrazine can be quickly decomposed by microorganisms in soil.