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Barium Sulfate Precipitated(Ultrafine) CAS 7727-43-7

Barium Sulfate Precipitated
Barium Sulfate Precipitated(Ultrafine)
Barium Sulfate Precipitated(Ultrafine)

Purity: 98% min


MW: 233.39

CAS: 7727-43-7

EINECS No.: 231-784-4

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Wuhan port sails

Application: Industrial


  • Manufacturing technique different from common Barium Sulfate Precipitated by using sulphuric acid process. Product have less metal impurities. Have no harzard gas during process.
  • High brightness, low specific conductivity, suitable for battery filling use, very good dispersibility, it’s hard to agglomeration or precipitate. Have narrow and homogeneous particle size distribution, particles appearance similar to sphericity.


1. Used in powder coating:

  • Enhance coating brightness, reduce cost by decreasing TiO2 consume.
  • Semi-finished products have good well-distributed particle size, in favor of controling powder particle size distribution.
  • Good compatibility with resin, hard to agglomeration or precipitate.
  • Increase glossiness and mechanical hardness of powder coating.

Recommend product formulation as follows:

Epoxide resin 30 g, polyester resin 30 g, titanium dioxide 15 g, ultrafine Barium Sulfate 8-10 g, ADDITION AGENT 15-17 G.

2. Used in PVC, can partly instead titanium dioxide against advantages of superfine, clean, well distribution, high brightness.

3. Used in battery as inorganic expansive material, prevent Pb specific area contractive. This type have exceed Germany quality standard with low Fe, non-discharge and excellent dispersity.

Packing: N.W 25 kg plastic woven bag with lining. Special package according to customer’s requirement.

BaSO498 % min
Fe0.002 % max
Moisture0.15 % max
Whiteness98 % min
Oil absorption15-25 g/ 100 g
Water Soluble matter0.2 % max
Sieve residue(45 um)0.1 % max
Specific Conductivity50 us/cm – 250 us/cm
Analysis Specifications based on (GB/T2899-2002)