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2-Thiopheneacetyl Chloride

2-Thiopheneacetyl Chloride
Product name: 2-Thiopheneacetyl Chloride

CAS NO.: 39098-97-0


Appearance: Clear brown liquid

Water Solubility: Reacts with water

Sensitive: Moisture Sensitive

Hazard class: 8

Prompt shipment

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Wuhan port sails

Application: Pharmacy

Other name: 2-Thiopheneacetylchloride; THIOPHENE-2-ACETYL CHLORIDE; 2-(2-THIENYL)ACETYL CHLORIDE; 2-THIOPHENEACETYL CHLORIDE; 2-THIENYLACETYL CHLORIDE; 2-Thiopheneacethylchloride; 2-Thienylacetic acid chloride


Pharmaceutical intermediates

Production methods:

From the reaction of 2-thiophene acetic acid and sulfoxide chloride. 2-thiophene acetyl chloride and 2-thiophene acetic acid were added to the glass coated reaction pot and heated in a water bath at 40-50℃ for 4h. The reaction liquid was distilled under reduced pressure to remove the remaining sulfoxide chloride and low boiling matter, and the fraction was collected at 160℃ (0.67kPa) to obtain 2-thiophene acetyl chloride.