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The 86th API CHINA: Information Exchange & Business Opportunities

The 86th API CHINA
The 86th China Pharmaceutical Intermediates Packaging Equipment Fair (API CHINA)
The 86th API CHINA

On May 26, 2021, the 86th API China was held in Guangzhou — China Import and Export Fair Pavilion opens. 

The 86th API CHINA
API China-The 86th API CHINA

API China | The medicine material is expected to create the future

Exhibits contents:

  • Medicine active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients.
  • Natural extracts, chemical reagents, intermediates, fine chemical raw materials, the important raw materials.
  • Food ingredients and additives.
  • Veterinary medicine raw materials, feed raw materials and additives.
  • Health food raw materials and additives.
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development services.
  • Contract customization services, registration and pharmaceutical services, training services.
The 86th API CHINA
“Chinese Pharmacopoeia” special training class

PHARMEX | Ingenuity quality good medicine

Exhibit contents:

  • Excipients, disintegrants, lubricants, flow AIDS.
  • Sweeteners, flavors, colorants, permeability enhancers.
  • Coating materials, plasticizers.
  • Enteric soluble materials, surfactants.
  • Filtration AIDS, clarifiers, stability preservatives.
  • PH regulators, solvents, antioxidants.
  • Sun-shaders, flavor enhancers, gelatin, capsules.
The 86th API CHINA
“Starting with clinical value, help the transformation and application of classic prescriptions” forum

PHARM PACK | Intelligent packaging, innovation driven

Exhibit contents:

Pharmaceutical glass, bottle cap, aluminum foil.

Aluminum plastic packaging and aluminum products, packaging and printing.

Capsules, gelatin.

  • Pharmaceutical plastic bottles, plastic material holder.
  • Pharmaceutical PVC hard sheets, pharmaceutical polyethylene bags.
  • Pharmaceutical composite film, pharmaceutical hose.
  • API packaging barrels, desiccants.
  • Cleaning clothes and materials.
  • Aerosol packaging, injection packaging materials.
The 86th API CHINA
Upgrade industry construction, empower enterprise development forum — drive industry development with environmental protection, energy saving and safe production

SINOPHEX | Leading by science and technology, ingenuity and wisdom

Exhibit contents:

  • API equipment, decoction piece equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical preparation equipment.
  • Laboratory equipment and consumables, electronic supervision.
  • Pharmaceutical crushing equipment.
  • Environmental protection and purification equipment, plastic machinery.
The 86th API CHINA
2021 Workshop on Development and industrial application of New Processes for green Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and intermediates

The 86th API CHINA

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