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Sulfamic acid CAS 5329-14-6 Factory Supply

Sulfamic acid
Product name: Sulfamic acid


MW: 97.09

CAS: 5329-14-6

EINECS: 226-218-8

Appearance: White crystalline solid. Density: 1.913 g/cm3. Boiling Point: 247°C at 760 mmHg, Flash Point: 205°C. 146.8 g/L (20 °C) in water.

Other name: Stannous sulfamate; Scale Cleen; Amido Sulfonic Acid; Amidoschwefelsaeure; Aminosulfonic acid; Sulfamidsaeure; Amidosulfonic acid; Sulfamidic acid; Imidosulfonic acid; Aminosulfonic Acid;

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Application: Industrial


Sulfamic acid can be used in the synthesis of herbicides, fireproofing agents, sweeteners, preservatives, metal cleaning agents, is a common chemical raw materials.

  • Cleaner
  • Textile industry
  • The paper industry
  • The oil industry
  • Agricultural
  • Plating solution

Storage conditions

Store sealed and dry. Sealed package and store in dry and ventilated place. Storage and transportation with oxidizer and alkali. Pay attention to personal protection, no direct physical contact