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Sodium Silicofluoride CAS 16893-85-9

Sodium Silicofluoride
Product name: Sodium Silicofluoride (SSF)

Purity: Sodium Silicofluoride 99% min

MF: Na2SiF6

CAS: 16893-85-9

MW: 188.06

EINECS No.: 240-934-8

Properties: Snow white free flowing powder; specific weight is 2.68; slightly soluble in water, insouble in alcohol, corrosive and toxic; it would decompose into sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride if ignited to over 450℃.

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Application: Industrial

Applications & Uses:

  • In pharmacy and fluoridation of drinking water.
  • Opalizer and fluxing agent in glass and Vitreous enamel frits.
  • Filling agent in plastic.
  • Coagulating agent in natural rubber and latex products.
  • Additive in metallurgy of aluminium and in clad layer of galvanized zinc, nickel, iron.
  • Instead arsenious Insecticides and rodenticides as pest control in agricultural.
  • Leather and wood preservatives.
  • Main raw material for producing acidproof cement and diabase plate.
  • As insecticide; mothproof of woolens.
  • Intermediate in production of synthetic cryolite.