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Sodium Hydroxide CAS 1310-73-2 Hot for sale

Sodium Hydroxide
Product name: Sodium Hydroxide

Purity: 99% min


CAS: 1310-73-2

MW: 40.00

EINECS No.: 215-185-5

Properties: White opaque crystals, pearl or flake, density: 2.13 g/cm³.

Other name:
Sodium oxidanide; Lye; Ascarite; Aetznatron; Hydroxyde de sodium; Natrium causticum; Soda, hydrate; Soda lye; UN 1823 (solid); UN 1824 (solution); caustic soda pearls; caustic soda flakes 99.9% .sodium hydroxide,NAOH; Caustic Soda Flakes;

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Application: Industrial


  • Sodium hydroxide is mainly used in the production of papermaking, cellulose pulp, soap, synthetic detergents, synthetic fatty acids and the refining of animal and plant fats.
  • Used as desizing agent, refining agent and mercerizing agent for cotton cloth in textile printing and dyeing industry.
  • Chemical industry for the production of borax, sodium cyanide, formic acid, oxalic acid, phenol and so on.
  • The petroleum industry is used to refine petroleum products and in drilling mud in oil fields.
  • Used in the production of aluminum oxide, metal zinc and metal copper surface treatment and glass, enamel, leather, medicine, dyes and pesticides.
  • Food grade products used in the food industry as acid neutralizer, peel agent for citrus, peaches, etc., can also be used as empty bottles, empty cans and other containers of detergent, as well as decolorizing agent, deodorizer.
  • Basic reagent, sodium hydroxide used as a neutralizer, cooperate with the masking agent precipitation, precipitation agent and masking agent, a small amount of carbon dioxide and water absorbent, thin layer analysis method was developed for the determination of ketone sterol chromogenic agent, etc., are widely used in the manufacture of sodium salt, soap, paper pulp, cotton, silk, viscose fiber, recycled rubber products, metal cleaning, plating, bleaching, etc.
  • In cosmetics cream class, sodium hydroxide and stearic acid saponification emulsifier role, used to make cream, shampoo, etc.