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Shipping line market information of this week(0719-0723)

Shipping line market information of this week(0719-0723) as below:
  1. Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam rose in price, while Indonesia maintained it; India, Pakistan, Middle East prices; There are few direct Red Sea slots.
  2. South Africa suggests ONE, dangerous goods are not easy to connect; East Africa recommended ONE, later expected to rise slightly; West Africa Light Cargo CMA, Heavy Cargo MSK and MSC.
  3. In Europe, there will be more departures in August (8.2/8.5/8.12/8.13/8.16 empty departures). CMA and MSC are recommended. Mediterranean can order early CMA cheap, heavy cargo direct MSC.
  4. Freight rates for the west and east of South America are expected to remain unchanged, and HPL can be booked early. Australia and New Zealand continue to increase prices.
  5. The United States does not connect the basic dangerous goods, general goods can be ordered, Canada and general goods can be ordered.
Shipping line market information
Shipping line market information of this week

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