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Lycopene CAS 502-65-8 High quality 10%-98%

Product name: Lycopene

MF: C40H56

MW: 536.87

CAS: 502-65-8

EINECS: 207-949-1

Boiling Point: 660.9°C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 350.7°C

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FOB Wuhan

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Application: Feed additives

Other name: CI 75125; 2,6,10,14,19,23,27,31-octamethyldotriaconta-2,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,30-tridecaene; 2,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26, 30-Dotriacontatridecaene, 2,6,10,14,19,23,27,31-octamethyl-, (all-E)-; Natural yellow 27; psi,psi-carotene; (6Z,8E,10E,12E,14E,16E,18Z,20E,22Z,24E,26Z)-2,6,10,14,19,23,27,31-octamethyldotriaconta-2,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,30-tridecaene; Tomato Extract;

Brief introduction

Lycopene is a carotenoid found in plant foods and is also a red pigment. It is widely found in tomatoes, tomato products, watermelon, grapefruit and other fruits. It is the main pigment in mature tomatoes and one of the common carotenoids. It does not have the physiological activity of vitamin A, but has strong antioxidant properties.

The fruits of ripe red plants are more abundant, especially in tomato, carrot, watermelon, papaya and guava. It can be used as pigment in food processing and also as raw material of antioxidant health food.

Lycopene products cover the food, supplement and cosmetic sectors, with lycopene supplements being the most popular.


  • Health care products and sports supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverage
  • Application in meat products
  • Application in edible oil
  • Other applications

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