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Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate: “Milk Batter”

Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate

As a contrast agent, Medical Grade Barium Sulfate often appears in front of the test in a milky liquid similar to milk batter.

In fact, the main component of this contrast agent is Medical Grade Barium Sulfate. Barium sulfate comes from an underground ore that is refined through a series of processes (10,000 words left out) to form a powder like powdered milk. When taking, also like milk powder, add a certain amount of water, make a certain concentration, you can drink, people who don’t know really think is drinking milk! This is the hidden form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate.

Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate

Why drink this barium contrast?

Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate

This is because barium has a much higher atomic number than calcium in human bones, and is so dense that X-rays are hard to penetrate. When the barium is passed through the GI tract, the outline of the GI tract can be clearly shown on the film.

Barium sulfate is very stable in the gastrointestinal tract. After people eat it, it can all be expelled from the body and will not be absorbed by the human body, so it has no impact on human health, neither toxic nor nutritious. These properties determine that barium sulfate can be used as the preferred contrast agent for gastrointestinal angiography.

Initially, the quality of barium sulfate was poor due to the rough production process. To achieve a better development effect, the barium dose needs to be very thick, like a very thick batter, the patient can not drink, can only be said to eat. Such “batter”, taste very bad, and difficult to swallow in the mouth and throat, really make patients uncomfortable.

Today, after repeated research, a high concentration and low viscosity preparation of barium sulfate has been produced: a cup full of barium sulfate powder can be mixed with water into a liquid form of only half a cup, which is much easier to drink. And by adding some seasoning agent, can also make barium good and sweet, drink up and drink milk is not too big difference!

Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate

That’s all we talk about today: Hidden Form of Medical Grade Barium Sulfate: “Milk Batter”.

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