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Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002

Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002: Marble adhesive has excellent performance, mainly reflected in hardness, toughness, fast curing, polishing, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002

High-quality Marble Adhesive is suitable for fine seam bonding and low temperature construction, with smooth, delicate and easy to reconcile, transparent adhesive curing material transparency, stone bonding grinding is not easy to fall off, no flow hanging, no oil seepage, high bonding strength. The raw material is made of corrosion-resistant resin, which significantly improves the aging resistance.

Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002

Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002

Product profile of high-quality Marble Adhesive:

  • The product is made of high purity, stable and high quality raw materials, after fine and rigorous management control, with excellent quality.
  • Suitable for bonding between all kinds of stone or repair stone surface cracks and broken marks.
  • It has the characteristics of high strength and stable storage. It has the luster of natural stone after grinding.
  • Smooth and delicate, easy to reconcile, transparent adhesive curing material high transparency, high bonding strength, good weather resistance.
  • With transparent, beige, white, super white, black, red, green 7 colors, and 12 colors of color paste.
  • The product is stored in a cool and ventilated place, avoid sunlight exposure.

Points for attention in the use of Marble Adhesive:

  • Do not put the remaining glue back into the jar after mixing.
  • Place in a cool place and close the lid after use.
  • The adhesive is not recommended for structural bonding, such as stone dry hanging.
  • It is not suitable for construction in humid places. Too much air humidity will lead to sticky colloidal surface.
  • The construction temperature shall not be lower than -10℃ or higher than 40℃. The temperature in the construction environment is less than 50 ° C.
  • The addition of Curing Agent more than 3%, may cause colloid discoloration, and reduce the bonding performance.
  • The binder do not frequently contact wet and frost cold.

That’s all we talk about today: Brief talk about Marble Adhesive 002.

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