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Barium Stearate CAS: 6865-35-6

Barium Distearate
Product name: Barium Stearate

Other name: barium distearate; barium octadecanoate; octadecanoic acid barium salt; stearic acid barium salt; barium distearate, pure;barium octadecanoate; Barium Stearate (Light)

MF: C36H70BaO4

MW: 704.27

CAS: 6865-35-6

EINECS: 229-966-3

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Application: Industrial


White or microstrip yellow amorphous powder, density: 1.145 g/cm³. Soluble in hot ethanol, benzene, toluene and other non-polar solvents, insoluble in water and ethanol.


  • Waterproofing agent.
  • Lubricant in metalworking, plastics, and rubber.
  • Wax compounding.
  • Preparation of greases.
  • Heat and light stabilizer in plastics.


  • Used as a high temperature resistant lubricant for machines.
  • Used as high temperature resistant additives for rubber products.
  • Used as a light resistant and heat resistant stabilizer for PVC plastics.
  • Used as waterproofing agent, lubricant and bearing filler.
  • Used as high temperature release agent and high temperature lubricant for machinery.
  • It has good synergistic effect when used with cadmium soap, zinc soap or epoxy compound. Generally, the dosage is 0.1% ~ 2%.
  • Combined with a small amount of lead based stabilizer, the electrical properties of the products can be improved.
  • igh temperature resistant lubricant for machines.