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Application of Marble Adhesive 01

Application of Marble Adhesive 01: Marble Adhesive is made of epoxy resin and unsaturated resin. Some marble glue made of unsaturated resin can be cured in a humid environment, and the effect is also very good. In addition, the excellent performance of Marble Adhesive is mainly reflected in hardness, toughness, fast curing, polishing, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Application of Marble Adhesive 01

At present, Marble Adhesive has been recognized by the majority of stone users and the construction industry. It is suitable for bonding among all kinds of stones or repairing cracks and broken marks on the stone surface. It is often used for repairing, bonding positioning and joint filling of various types of stone paving projects and all kinds of stone.

Application of Marble Adhesive 02

That’s all we talk about today: Application of Marble Adhesive 01.

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