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Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003

Application in Paint and coatings industry

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: Barium Sulfate Precipitated is used as a extender pigment in coatings, which plays a very important role in improving the thickness, wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, surface hardness, impact resistance and so on.

In addition, Barium Sulfate Precipitated has high reflectivity in the wavelength range of 300-400 microns, which can protect the paint film from photoaging. It is an effective and cheap white inorganic light stabilizer. Because of its low oil absorption, a high filling amount, so the cost of paint can be reduced. Barium Sulfate Precipitated can be used for water-based paint, primer, intermediate paint coating, oil coating and so on. Using it to replace 10%-25% of the water – based coating Rutile, the result is an increase in whiteness, but no decrease in coverage.

It has superior isolation effect between white or colored pigment particles, so that the pigment particles keep a certain distance from each other, and improve the pigment efficiency. In particular, the Precipitation barium sulfate particles are small, excellent performance, free titanium dioxide in ink, paint formed by the mesh gap, greatly improve the weather resistance of ink, paint quality; And its impurities are very few, there will be no impurities and ink, paint in the chemical reaction of organic matter; In addition, in all paints have excellent dispersion, can prevent the paint caking, can improve the quality of paint, increase the effect of fluidity.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003

Barium Sulfate Precipitated has high filling property and can be applied to all coating series, such as primer, thick paste coating and other types.

Its specific surface area and particle size are different and easy to flow, so that Precipitation barium sulfate has low wear property in the processing process. It is recommended for automatic primer surface layer, and even maintains good uniformity and smoothness in high filling

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated

The Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: In topcoats, Barium Sulfate Precipitated is better than most other fillers, especially in chemical resistant coatings. It is inert, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic medium, and its excellent luster and particle fineness make the topcoats protected from long-term exposure. Barium Sulfate Precipitated is recommended for topcoats, which can increase the surface hardness and color stability.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: Among latex paints, Barium Sulfate Precipitated is mainly used in high gloss and silk paint, and is known as “acid-resistant” latex paint. Even when exposed, it is acid-resistant. The easy dispersibility, optical activity and retention of Barium Sulfate Precipitated can increase its chemical properties, and Barium Sulfate Precipitated can be used in the same high gloss paint and latex paint.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: In wood products and paints, Barium Sulfate Precipitated has the characteristics of low cohesion, low photodispersion and fine particle holding. It is especially suitable for pigment topcoat, varnish, spray paint, etc. According to research, Barium Sulfate Precipitated has chemical resistance and weather resistance.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: In addition to white or bright colored paints, it is worth mentioning that white powdery Barium Sulfate Precipitated can also be used in pure black paints without affecting the black color. This is related to the refractive index of Barium Sulfate Precipitated, which is similar to that of commonly used resins, so that the Barium Sulfate Precipitated is not white but transparent when mixed into the system. So in carbon black coating will not produce light gray. Barium Sulfate Precipitated can also reduce the VOC of black paint. The biggest effect here is that the oil absorption and specific surface area of carbon black and Barium Sulfate Precipitated are very different. Through anti-flocculation, the effective effect of carbon black is only slightly increased, and the replacement of large amounts of carbon black with Barium Sulfate Precipitated will reduce the total base material demand and viscosity, and thus reduce VOC.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: Due to the chemically inert and insoluble nature of Barium Sulfate Precipitated, it is as suitable for use in water-based paints as it is for conventional paints. The role of micropowder precipitation of barium sulfate has been demonstrated, even in electrophoretic coatings (which have very complex requirements regarding particle deposition status or wettability). The usual substitution for titanium dioxide is in the range of 10-30%.

Application of Barium Sulfate Precipitated 003: Powder coatings are one of the fastest growing markets in the coatings industry. Barium Sulfate Precipitated is an indispensable component of powder coatings due to its special properties, low base material demand and excellent dispersion. Barium Sulfate Precipitated has as high a specific gravity as titanium dioxide, thus providing us with the opportunity to formulate non-fly powder coatings, even in fine powders. In a typical powder coating formulation, the mechanical properties of a powder coating filled with Barium Sulfate Precipitated depend on its particle size (the finer the properties, the better). In powder coatings, barium sulfate improves luster, fluidity, fillability and compatibility with various pigments.

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