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Application of 2-Furoic acid CAS 88-14-2

Let’s talk about the application of 2-Furoic acid

Application of 2-Furoic acid

2-Furoic acid is also known as 2-furanic acid, pyroviscoic acid.

2-Furoic acid is an organic synthetic intermediate, which can be transformed into ester, acyl chloride, anhydride, amide and other derivatives, used in the production of 2-methylfuran, furoamide, furoate ester (salt), plasticizer, thermosetting resin, food industry preservatives, coating additives, spices and the synthesis of furorea penicillin and cefuroxime and other medicines.

Hot Application of 2-Furoic acid CAS 88-14-2
  • 2-Furoic acid can be used as a preservative, fungicide.
  • 2-Furoic acid can be used as spice, plasticizer, plastic modifier, coating, medicine and pesticide raw material.
  • 2-Furoic acid can also be used to prepare thiofurfuryl ester, furoate ester, furoamide and so on.
Application of 2 Furoic acid

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