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Application – Food Additive

What is Food Additive?

Countries around the world have different definitions of food additives, FAO and WHO Joint Committee on Food Regulations define food additives as: Food additives are generally consciously added to food in small amounts to improve the appearance, flavor, organizational structure or storage properties of food.

Food additives greatly promote the development of the food industry, and is known as the soul of the modern food industry, this is mainly because it brings a lot of benefits to the food industry.

Common food additives:

  • Preservative – Refers to can inhibit the propagation of microorganisms in food, prevent food spoilage, prolong food storage period of the substance. Preservatives are generally divided into acid preservatives, ester preservatives and biological preservatives. For example, 2-Furoic Acid is used as a preservative for food additives and can be used in the processing of jam, preserves, etc.
  • Antioxidants – Similar to preservatives, they extend the shelf life of foods. Commonly used are L-Ascorbic ACID, etc.
  • Thickener – Can improve or stabilize the physical properties of cold drink food, make the appearance of food lubrication exquisite. Chitosan, for example, can be used as food preservatives and thickeners.
  • Stabilizer – Can improve or stabilize the physical properties of cold drink food, so that the appearance of food lubrication exquisite. Such as Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 used as colloidal stabilizer and clarifier, can be used for beer clarification
  • Sour taste agent – Some drinks, candy and so on often use sour taste agent to adjust and improve the flavor effect. Related product: D-tartaric acid.
  • PH regulator – Regulates the PH of food, e.g. Sodium hydroxide.
  • Defoaming agents – The use of defoaming agents in food processing can be beneficial to food processing operations. Related product: MONOLAURIN.
  • Nutritional fortifiers – Such as DL-methionine improves amino acid balance; Turmeric Extract Powder whitening and antioxidant effect.