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4-Isopropylbenzoic Acid Good price

4-Isopropylbenzoic Acid
Product name: 4-Isopropylbenzoic Acid

Other name: Benzoicacid, p-isopropyl- (6CI,8CI); 4-(1-Methylethyl)benzoic acid; 4-Isopropylbenzoicacid; Cumic acid; Cuminic acid; p-Isopropylbenzoic acid;

Purity: 99.5%

MF: C10H12O2

CAS No.:536-66-3

MW: 164.2

EINECS: 208-642-5

Appearance: white solid

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Application: Pharmacy

Chemical Properties
Melting point117-120 °C(lit.)
Boiling point271.8°C
densityd4 1.162
refractive index1.5198 (estimate)
solubilityalcohol: soluble(lit.)
formCrystalline Powder
Water Solubilitysparingly soluble
4-Isopropylbenzoic acid COA reference


Put in sealed container and store in cool, dry, ventilation place


  • It is an important fine chemical, is widely used in polymer materials, oil improvement, liquid crystal display, medicine, pesticide and other aspects.
  • It has been widely used in pharmaceutical and other chemical industries and is an important raw material of chemical intermediates.