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2-Furoic Acid CAS: 88-14-2 Factory supply

2-Furoic Acid
2-Furoic Acid
Product name: 2-Furoic Acid

Other name: 2-Furoicacid (7CI,8CI); 2-Carboxyfuran; NSC 58965; NSC 8842; Pyromucic acid; a-Furancarboxylic acid; a-Furoic acid; 2-Furancarboxylic acid;

MF: C5H4O3

MW: 112.08

CAS: 88-14-2

EINECS: 201-803-0

Properties: White to light yellow crystal powder, density: 1.322 g/cm³. Solubility: 36 g/L (20 °C) in water.

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Application: Pharmacy

Sample of 2-Furoic Acid


  • It can be used to synthesize methyl furfuran, furfuramide, furfurate ester and salt.
  • In the plastic industry can be used for plasticizer, thermosetting resin, etc.
  • Used as a preservative in the food industry.
  • Used as paint additives, medicine and spices, such as intermediates.

Background and Overview

2-Furoic Acid is also called 2- furanic acid and pyroviscous acid. The precipitation from the water is monoclinic crystal system colorless acicular or leaf – like crystals. The carboxyl group of this product has the common of common carboxylic acid, can be generated salt, ester, can also be reduced and acylated. The furan ring behaves as an electrophilic substitution reaction, on which the hydrogen can be replaced by alkyl, nitro, sulfonic group, halogen, etc.

2-Furoic Acid is an intermediate in organic synthesis. It can be converted to ester, acyl chloride, anhydride, amide and other derivatives. It can be used in the production of 2-methylfuran, furoamide, furoate (salt), plasticizer, thermosetting resin. It can also be used as food industry preservative, paint additive, fragrance and synthetic furoxime penicillin and ceftiofur medicine.

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